Programme Management

Support the management of the project cycle, including conceptualization, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Help to determine the level of achievement of project's objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

Funding and Grant Writing

Design and implement new plans for funding, including the development of proposals for strategic development

Applied Research

Collect, analyze and produce needs analysis, research studies, strategic policies, demographic projections, market studies, and intervention plans.

Training and Capacity-Building

Create and implement pedagogic strategies that achieve measurable learning outcomes and skills for individuals and organizations.

Marketing and Communication

Create visual narratives and storytelling, including strategy, planning, audience mapping, media production and social media management.

Strategy and Policy Advice

Support the development and adjustment of organizational regulation and procedures, according to a specific social issues.

Technology for Social Impact

Provide technological tools and support to NGOs, public authorities, academia, schools and businesses.

Our Approach


Our approach consists of creating innovative responses and win-to-win situations with NGOs, public authorities, academia, businesses and schools, to best prevent violent conflict and ensure international human rights. 


Moreover, we help to integrate your organization into a network of partners, in order to create more  sustainable cooperations and reach  mutual social ends. 


Areas of Expertise

Human Rights and Justice  

Promote the respect for international human rights law, support victims of human rights' abuses and prevent organized crime.

Peace and International Security

Prevent pull and push factors leading to conflict, counter violent extremism, and mediate peace processes.

Development and Cooperation

Create opportunities for international cooperation between States and Non-States Organisations.

Migration and Integration

Develop programmes which lead to the integration of immigrants, and intercultural dialogue .

Media Literacy and Disinformation 

Contribute to the development of critical thinking abilities related with media literacy.

Education and Citizenship

Develop formal and non-formal educational programmes about human rights, democracy and civic engagement.

Health and Inclusion

Promote physical health and sports' activities, mental health programmes and active aging.

Grassroots Network and Activism

Support multisectoral networks of activism, human rights defense and social responsibility.

We are driven by values

We are a values-driven organization who works to further develop its 4 key values: Cooperation, Integrity, Efficiency and Adaptability .

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